ideal living room size as per vastu

March 27, 2019
ideal living room size as per vastu

As a thumb rule in engineering, it is recommended that the window opening area should be greater than 10% of the floor area for better lighting and ventilation. According to Vastu Shastra, most windows should face north and east direction for better natural lighting from the sun in the morning and in other day hours. Dec 29, 2009 - A comfortable length for a Living room will be at least 18'0″, as this allows for spacious arrangement of seating groups, easy movement space as well as comfortable distance for TV viewing. A luxurious length will be 20'0″ and above. Size matters! According to vastu shastra, the size of a room can have great impact on the people living in the house. This is the ground rule for every single room. It offers best vastu solutions for your dream home. Here you can see whole structural positions like kitchen, living room, temple & bedroom etc. of sweet home. Dining Room: - Best place for dining room is in the west. Now a According to the Tamil Manaiyadi shastram (Vastu Sastra), the room size has an impact on the . According to the Tamil Manaiyadi shastram (Vastu Sastra), the room size has an . because this might adversely affect the person who is living in that room. Nov 6, 2013 - Living room Vastu Tips are:Vastu colors for drawing room are white,yellow. . the main door as per rules and regulations of vastu to know more on entrance . of the house and this is one of the ideal locations for a living room, . Aug 9, 2018 - This ideal size of a puja room will be able to accommodate an . According to puja room location as per vastu, the deity should be above . an elevated platform that segregates the living area of the room from the puja space. Choose the right one according to your purpose and space. Read more >> · Room size vastu Vastu Shastra for Staircase . Room size vastu Children Room Vastu Tips . A north-east facing plot is best for all type of constructions, whether a house . The positive energy is very useful for living beings of the occupants of the .

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