wonderful butterfly garden lavandula stoechas

March 28, 2019
wonderful butterfly garden lavandula stoechas

Butterfly Garden is an innovative breeder and producer of ornamental plants, . The Butterfly Garden Lavandula stoechas series consists of varieties, . Long flowering time with many branches and a lots of beautiful, large deep-blue flowers. Home / Flowering Plants / Lavandula stoechas Butterfly Garden® . between leaf and flower colour and features excellent shelf life, throughout the whole chain. French Lavender, Butterfly Lavender, Lavandula stoechas subsp. . of Lavender is a wonderful addition to the garden given the very distinctive look of its flowers . Butterfly Garden® Lavandula stoechas. Anderupvej 68 . The Lavandula stoechas 'Butterfly Garden' has for . Excellent keeping quality, throughout the chain. I was first drawn to the versatility of Lavender in my own flower gardens, and this curiosity fuelled my personal research into this lovely plant. I soon realized how difficult it was to . Lavender also attracts bees and butterflies. My cultivars include: . Lavandula Stoechas Produces flowers all summer. May want to treat it as an . Lavandula stoechas Purple Ribbon is a Spanish Lavender with excellent vigor, dark . Sweetly fragrant and very popular with the butterflies, the plants are nicely . Question: I like to grow herbs in my backyard garden. . Lavender in butterfly garden . Lavender fills the early summer garden with sensory delights: beautiful . (Lavandula stoechas) unfurls deep purple blooms topped with lavender-. A wonderful hardy plant that is actually related to the mint family and is mostly . Lavender flowers are butterfly magnets and the shrubs are known to be buck . L. stoechas (dwarf form) spreads its butterfly wings in the fabulous gardens of Wave Hill in the Bronx, New York City. Children—and their parents—love it.

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